Roland TR-8S Kits

All samples recorded by me at 24Bit/96kHz.


Oberheim DX

Oberheim DX with Linn LM-1 EPROMs

- Recorded using the original Linn LM-1 sample binaries playing from EPROMs in an Oberheim DX

Roland TR-505

Roland TR-606

- I know the TR-8S has a modelled 606 but I've owned two 606's and I don't think the TR-8S quite hits the mark on the hats and cymbals

Yamaha RX11

To install: Unzip the files, place them in the ROLAND\TR-8S\EXPORT\KIT folder on your SD card, then use UTILITY:Import on the TR-8S

These drum machines have many more sounds which I have sampled at a wide variety of settings and pitches. If you'd like the full set they are available in my Drum Machines sample pack which has over 500 high quality samples edited and ready to import into your TR-8S.